661 LESS POWERFUL BRAKE PADS Hope v4 / Trick Stuff maxima

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The LESS BRAKES POWERFUL Brake Pads with the reference 661, have been developed for aggressive use in disciplines such as Downhill, Enduro and E-Bikes.

They offer maximum stopping power at any range of temperature and humidity conditions. Whether in dry or wet conditions, you can abuse the brakes all you want without fear of losing braking efficiency or feel.

They are clearly characterized by the most powerful.

There are three types of brake pads in LESS BRAKES:

- Recommended for E-Bike, Enduro, Downhill.
- More powerful at medium temperatures and more extreme conditions.
- Sintered for great durability.

- Versatile recommended for any use XC, E-Bike, Enduro, DH, Road, Gravel and Cyclocross.
- Balance between power and durability.
- Semi-metallic / organic compound.

- Recommended for XCO, XCM, Road, Gravel and Cicloross.
- It is recommended for DH, Enduro Ebike, if what you want is a more progressive feel.
- Very quiet.
- Long-lasting ceramic compound.

More information at: www.lessbrakes.com