PACK30 611 LESS BALANCED BRAKE PADS Shimano deore / TRP hy-rd / TEKTRO auriga-dorado

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Special workshop box with 30 brake pads, compatibilities:

SHIMANO: DEORE M-416 / 445 / 446 / 485 / 486 / 515 / 525 / 575 / C601

The LESS BRAKES BALANCED Brake Pads with the reference 611, are suitable for use in any Mountain bike discipline such as XCO, XCM, E-Bike, Enduro or Downhill, also for use on Road, Gravel and Cyclocross (CX) bikes.

They are made up of a high percentage of organic compound and a small percentage of metallic compound. Thanks to this, they guarantee stable and controlled braking throughout the temperature range, providing a reactive and powerful feel even at low temperatures.

There are three types of brake pads in LESS BRAKES:

- Recommended for E-Bike, Enduro, Downhill.
- More powerful at medium temperatures and more extreme conditions.
- Sintered for great durability.

- Versatile recommended for any use XC, E-Bike, Enduro, DH, Road, Gravel and Cyclocross.
- Balance between power and durability.
- Semi-metallic / organic compound.

- Recommended for XCO, XCM, Road, Gravel and Cicloross.
- It is recommended for DH, Enduro Ebike, if what you want is a more progressive feel.
- Very quiet.
- Long-lasting ceramic compound.

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